US Senate

Set 6 years in the future, the 121st Senate of the United States is convened with the agenda set around two major issues, the confirmation of Ben Shapiro to the United States Supreme Court and tensions rising around the East China Sea. 

Ben Shapiro, after years as a political pundit began to rise among the ranks of academics as a notable legal scholar. Of course, this change in profession led to much ridicule among the left and right, however, two years into his career change his work on government oppression within the law had garnered significant respect in an academic context. By 2026, President Keith Cozart would appoint him to replace Hon. Samuel Alito as Associate Judge of the Supreme Court. Shapiro’s fate will be decided by the United States Senate. 

In the case of the East China Sea, further economic dependency between Japan and China as well as the lowering of diplomatic tensions between the two nations has led to a popular movement, led primarily by a coalition of minority, left-leaning Japanese political parties, to pressure the Japanese Self Defense Force to reject further assistance from the United States military. Factions of the coalition, including the Japanese Communist Party, blame the occupied naval base on Okinawa by the United States Military as the primary source of political tension between Asian countries. Therefore this base and more broadly, U.S. intervention, is thought to be as an impasse to peace in that area. The Senate’s primary responsibility is to protect the United State’s interests abroad, new military policies, sanctions or legislation against Japan or China may all be discussed. 

The U.S. Senate SA Committee at CalgaryMUN will be an exciting opportunity for advanced delegates to try their hand at solving the aforementioned issues in the same manner as the real U.S. Senate. Please note that the rules of procedure for this committee will be heavily influenced by the rules of procedure of the U.S. Senate. The committee’s rules of procedure will be provided to delegates along with the background information. 

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Topic A: Ben Shapiro

Topic B: Navigating Tensions in the East China Sea