Third Iteration | November 23rd-24th 2024

A message from the Secretary General

Prospective Delegates, and Advisors,

I'm Ekam Mann, and I'm honored to be serving as the Secretary-General of CalgaryMUN III. On behalf of our dedicated Secretariat and Board of Directors, I'm excited to invite you to the third iteration of Calgary Model United Nations, set to take place in November 2024.

Throughout the past few years, CalgaryMUN has established itself as a hub of excellence, offering a unique and educational experience to high school students from various parts of the world. Our carefully planned program aims to promote international awareness, providing a platform for delegates to engage with crucial social, political, and economic issues. This year's committee schedule promises lively discussions, covering everything from the standard General Assembly to the Suez Crisis and delving into the Boer War.

Observing the unwavering commitment of our staff and Secretariat teams, I am confident that this year's conference will achieve new heights, embodying the essence of diplomatic discourse. CalgaryMUN is more than just an event; it encompasses a range of services. To ensure inclusivity, we are proud to continue our School Support program, offering comprehensive MUN resources to all registered schools. Additionally, we will be hosting our annual online conference this summer.

Working closely with the Secretariat and my dedicated staff team, I am devoted to creating a lasting experience for all participants, leaving a significant impact beyond the committee room. Whether it's forming lasting friendships, discovering new voices, or deepening an understanding of global affairs, CalgaryMUN aims to be a transformative experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at I look forward to the possibility of meeting you at CalgaryMUN III.

Best regards,

Ekam Mann

Secretary-General | CalgaryMUN III

The CalgaryMUN Experience


CalgaryMUN strives to bring the newest, most innovative, and freshest experiences of Model UN to Calgary. Our secretariat team are consistently aiming to revitalize the Model UN circuit in Calgary. Whether we are developing a new AD HOC committee, bringing IPC to Calgary, or developing hybridized committees; we hope to bring something new every conference!


CalgaryMUN embeds itself in the word prestige. High-quality are words we live by, and we do our best to ensure our conference meets those standards. All the funds we are able to raise via delegate fees are put directly into creating the best conference Calgary has ever seen, donations to charities, and innovative resources.


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