Within the broader structure of the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council holds unparalleled authority. The lessons that the failure of the League of Nations taught were learned in the creation of the security council - the charge of the UNSC is to ensure international peace and security, a task not to be taken lightly. In this committee, delegates will take the position of nations at pivotal times in the UNSC’s history, when the future of world peace and the international order lay at the crossroads. Perhaps you, with this power vested in your hands, will lead the world towards a better future, or fall into darkness. 

Replete with veto, the UNSC committee at CalgaryMUN III will offer delegates an exhilarating, realistic experience, requiring negotiation, compromise, and political savvy to reach a resolution, and allowing delegates to experience some of the most trying moments of recent history. Setup in a double delegate format, UNSC is intended for more advanced participants with more extensive experience and knowledge of the rules of procedure, but is open to all. All questions about the committee can be directed to the Dais at unsc@calgarymun.com.

Topic A: War in Afghanistan, circa 2011

Topic B: 2023 Gaza Strip Conflict