The International Press Corps (IPC) is a committee designed for delegates who want a different experience compared to the world of traditional Model UN. The committee is composed of delegates who work to report on the activities of the conference, including the debates, resolutions, and other key events. Delegates in the IPC Committee will roam each committee room and carefully note down any observations made. Delegates are also permitted to conduct interviews with the delegates in other committees to further their journalism. With all the necessary information gathered, delegates are then tasked with writing articles and producing journalistic media. These articles are then published for everyone to read. This committee expands upon a journalistic side of Model UN, providing delegates with an opportunity to ensure that the “public” is aware of the decisions made by delegates in their respective committees.

The International Press Corps committee is most suitable for observant and creative delegates, who want a journalistic experience in the world of Model UN. Any comments, questions, or concerns, can be directed to the Dais at ipc@calgarymun.com.