Harry Potter

16 years after the Dark Lord Voldemort is vanquished by the 1-year-old Harry Potter, the stirrings of the Dark Lord rises once more. Within the very foundation of the Wizarding World, signs of corruption begin to show as the Ministry of Magic starts to implement discriminatory policies towards muggleborns and half bloods. Even within Hogwarts, the division between Houses becomes clearer with interhouse hostilities coming to an all time high. Prejudice against House and blood leads to both sides seeking solace with their own, intensifying the division within the Wizarding World. With the insertion of the Ministry of Magic into Hogwarts, the movement of both teachers and students are closely monitored by Ministry workers of dubious loyalties. With a war on so many fronts, the fate of the Wizarding World lies in your hands.

The Fictional Crisis Committee (FCC) is a crisis committee that offers experienced delegates the unique opportunity to debate against and alongside other advanced delegates. As an advanced committee, FCC is best suited for delegates with extensive experience with the Rules of Procedure and debate, although it is open for delegates of all experience levels. If you have any questions about the committee, please email your Dais at fcc@calgarymun.com

Topic: Harry Potter (2nd Wizarding War, Part 2, Harry Potter Era)