Within the United Nations, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) plays a crucial role in directing global development. As one of the principal organs of the UN, it is tasked with the mission of addressing multifaceted socio-economic challenges. Unlike other committees, however, ECOSOC’s responsibilities go far past its resolutions, as it often sets the groundwork for pivotal policies across various UN bodies. With its unique position, the Economic and Social Council embraces the collaboration needed to navigate the challenges of today.

The two topics on the agenda are of great precedence. Whether it is addressing the problems with the current state of coordination between specialized agencies, or solving the digital divide, delegates are sure to participate in a world of diplomacy and debate.

ECOSOC is a general assembly committee targeted mostly towards beginner delegates trying to get a taste of the MUN experience. If any questions or concerns arise, please contact your dais at

Topic A: Weak Coordination of Specialized Agencies

Topic B: The Digital Divide Between Developed and Developing Countries