British Empire

Noble countryman!  Rally to defend the honour and legacy of our great and proud nation! In this engaging and compelling committee delegates will work in tandem under the glorious Union Jack to quell rebellion in British South Africa. Will delegates band together to put an end to the Boers' interruptive movement with force? Or will diplomacy reign supreme and overcome political tension? Only time will tell how this committee could rock the history of the Second Boer War!

The JCC (Joint Crisis Committee) for CalgaryMUN III is focused on the start of the Second Boer War, a pivotal moment in Colonial Britain's history as well as the lead-up to the independence of South African States.  As tensions rise between the British and the remaining Boer forces after the end of the last war, delegates will have to navigate warfare and politics within their own alliances as well as strategize and perhaps even conspire with the opposing side as they work throughout this committee. This crisis committee is one best suited for advanced delegates. Any remarks, queries, or matters of concern may be addressed to the Dais at